Genetic Counseling at Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging

Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling at Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging

With the rapid advances in the genetic diagnostic testing industry, the role of a genetic counselor has never been so critical. The genetic counselor supports both physicians and patients by identifying your baby’s genetic risks and communicating this information in layman’s terms. Genetic counselors are also available to consult with patients and couples prior to pregnancy.

Genetic Counseling and testing are provided for:

  • Screening : Full Integrated screening and cell free fetal DNA screening
  • Diagnostic testing including CVS and amniocentesis
  • Ultrasound abnormalities
  • Family histories of inherited conditions
  • Teratogen exposures
  • Ethnic risks: Cystic fibrosis, Ashkenazi Jewish diseases, hemoglobinopathies (sickle cell and thalassemia)
  • Multiple miscarriages

During your counseling session the genetic counselor:

  • Evaluates the patient’s prenatal genetic questionnaire
  • Obtains additional relevant medical and pregnancy history
  • Constructs a three-generation pedigree
  • Reviews the medical records provided, including genetic screening results

Based on the prenatal genetic risk assessment, the genetic counselor:

  • Discusses the risk to the fetus of any applicable genetic disorders and inheritance patterns
  • Discusses overall genetic risk to the pregnancy
  • Discusses risks, benefits and limitations of appropriate standard genetic testing options including Full Integrated Screening, cell free fetal DNA screening, CVS, and amniocentesis
  • Answers patient questions during the session and is available subsequently by telephone.