Testimonials – What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Super friendly technicians

I get my yearly mammograms done here and have nothing but good things to say about it. Super  friendly technicians, what more do you want? Yeah, mashing your ta-tas between 2 lucite plates is never fun, but at least the staff is friendly and competent.

V.K., Sonoma, CA

Really love this place

My husband and I really love this place.  The office is really nice and freshly painted.  Every time that I walk in, the receptionist is nice and helpful.  The first time I went there for my first ultrasound, I had forgotten my doctor’s order.  She said “no problem” and had the doctor fax a copy.  There is some wait time, but that’s the reality at every doctor’s office.  I am on week 23 of my pregnancy and had to get ultrasounds a few times (5 times already), due to some complications.  I always go see Dr. Kleiner who always like to chat.  She calls us her favorite patients :-).  The first few times, I had to hold a mirror to see the monitor,  but the last time, they had a large flat screen on the wall, so gone is the mirror!  They use the latest ultrasound technology.  Both the technician and Dr. Kleiner have been very patient with our list of questions and I have always left feeling that I knew more than before.

I would recommend this place to anyone!

A.M., Prosper, TX

Have gone there for many years

I highly recommend Peninsula Ultrasound Mammography, MRI & Radiology Services.  I have gone there for many years for ultrasounds and mammography.  Everyone has always been caring, friendly and personable.  The environment, and staff is comforting, and calming.  I feel well taken care of, and have had the technicians and doctors be kind and considerate to me.  When sometimes I feel perhaps a bit nervous about a result I may receive, I always feel well taken care of there, and I trust that their services of of high quality.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

L.G., San Jose, CA

Very thorough and professional

They are very thorough and professional with regard to all of my ultrasound services.  I have been using them for over 20 years.

R.B., Palo Alto, CA

Just had a wonderful experience

We just had a wonderful experience with the people at Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging today.  I have a family member that needed an x-ray.

The referring doctors office recommended the nearby hospital. I received an estimated cost from the hospital for over a thousand dollars, of which our copay would have been $155.  By the way, it took me more than 45 minutes, two calls and 3 people before I could get that information.  They were all nice as pie. But, I’m guessing that the systems they have to use at this local hospital really hold them back.

In contrast, the team at Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging were not only nice as pie too.  But, they got me the pricing information I needed in less than 5 minutes.  And, their price for the same x-ray was less than a 10th.  Our out of pocket was $7.61.  We like that price better.  I’m sure they take a great x-ray at the other place.  But, it’s hard for me to imagine something that makes it 20 times more valuable to me.

For the time, money and sheer capability, I would use and recommend Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging anytime I needed them.

N.H., San Bruno, CA

A savings of over $300

i damage my rotator cuff and needed quick m.r.i’s for an appt. this friday and they set my apt.  the same day, finished in about 40 minutes at a savings of over $300 over kaiser.!!

D.B., South San Francisco, CA

Professional & caring staff

Professional & caring staff — Annette (technician) and Dr. Susan Marks in particular are really great.

J.S., San Francisco, CA

My husband and I are VERY grateful

I’ve been coming to Dr. Kleiner for over 3 years now with all of my pregnancies and she was able to find and tell me EXACTLY what each parent to be should look for!!!!!!!

One pregnancy was an ectopic preg, Dr. Kleiner was able to tell me that at about 7 weeks. This was an unpleasant but extremely painless process, since she found it at such early stage.
When I was pregnant with my daughter (who is n
ow 15 months), CPMC were convinced that there was 1 out of 3 chance of a down syndrome and that we needed to think whether or not we will keep a baby that “has” a down syndrome. Dr. Kleiner and Dr. Sragets kept us rational and after series of tests, told us that it was nothing. Well, guess what……IT WAS NOTHING! Our baby girl is beautiful!!!!!!

My other pregnancy, Dr. Kleiner took one look at the ultrasound and told me there was a bad news. Made us an apt at UCSF for the NEXT MORNING and sure enough the baby had chromosome abnormality. If we didn’t term., the baby would have died early. WHAT PARENT CAN DEAL WITH THAT??????????

My current pregnancy (because of all the previous pregnancies), Dr. Kleiner agreed to see me, on a Friday, after the office was already closed (I think. There was no one else there), because my OB wasn’t able to find a heartbeat and I was panicking. Dr. Keliner and Dr. Sragets probably thought that it would be unfair to me, to make me wait until Monday to find out that everything was ok. If this is not a good deed, I don’t know what is!!!!!!!!

My husband and I are VERY grateful to Dr. Kleiner, and always will be, for everything that she has done and still does for us!!!!


Z.R., San Francisco, CA

5 star facility and staff

Ever have ‘one of those days’ where nothing seems to go right?  How fortunate to begin my day with one of the more uncomfortable tests women must endure.  I arrived late due to things beyond my control and found the most compassionate and thoughtful staff imaginable.  The waiting area was beautiful and the atmosphere was very calming.  The inner waiting area was spa-like and the radiologist was so kind and genuinely concerned for my comfort.  The doctor was in a hurry (as they always are,) but made a conscious effort to take the time to answer questions.  5 star facility and staff.

E.M., Pacifica, CA

Felt very comfortable

Such great care at this place that I want to find a doctor who will refer me here again. Very thorough and detailed and felt very comfortable through what is normally not a fun experience. They took me right away, did what they had to do quickly, and also sent me a copy of the results so I didn’t have to wait for the doctor to tell me what was going on.  I have had sonograms in about three other locations, this by far is the best I have experienced. Hope to be back soon!

L.V., San Mateo, CA

So happy I found this facility

I’m so happy I found this facility! I was putting off the ultrasounds I need annually because of cost! I was still paying on the ultrasounds I had at the hospital ultrasound facility from last year. Peninsula was very up front about costs and what my insurance covered and my co payment. Unbelievably lower in cost than the hospital. I also received results immediately and recommendations from the radiologist.

A.F., Pescadero, CA

Convenient for the patient

A great place for doctors to refer.  I refer all my patients there for their MRI’s because it is convenient for the patient and their images they produce are fabulous.  Dr. Hughes.

P.E.H., San Mateo, CA

Will be recommending to friends

It’s a scary time when you find a lump in your breast.  The staff at Peninsula Ultrasound couldn’t have been any nicer or willing to answer all of my questions.  Most of these stars are meant for Annette, the ultrasound technician that handled most of my work.  She was sweet, understanding and held my hand through the biopsy.  Dr. Marks, who took the biopsy, was very knowledgeable and put my mind at ease.  I will be recommending this office to any of my friends who need a comforting place to go to for this scary procedure.

M.C., Los Angeles, CA

Really friendly service

Really friendly service – particularly given I called often for information. Dr. Kleiner was fantastic. I had to get bloodwork done at the LabCorp downstairs and they said I had missed the cut off time. Dr. Kleiner immediately called them as well as the vendor for the test and made sure they took the sample so I didnt have to come back again. When the results came in and they were good, she didnt wait for my other doc to give it to me – given it was Friday, she wanted to give me the good news so I could have a good weekend. All in all, very happy with the service and approach.

S.S., Burlingame, CA

The ideal place to get your MRI

I have had to monitor tumor growth in my spine since 1999. So I have had more MRIs than anyone I know. I’ve had them at UCSF, peninsula hospitals, and other locations. Peninsula MRI provided the best service, the best atmosphere, and the best tech I’ve had. If you’ve had an MRI, you may remember how your elbows can start to ache after a while. Unlike the rest of your body, elbows get no padding and rest on cold plastic. At Peninsula MRI the tech provides custom-made elbow padding that makes the entire procedure more comfortable. Add the spa-like setting and you’ll see that this is the ideal place to get your MRI–especially for those who are uncomfortable with the process.

J.P., Burlingame, CA

Awesome experience here!

Awesome experience here!  They were on time, and for an afternoon appointment no less.  The staff was courteous and helpful.  They went out of there way to make sure I was comfortable, all my questions were answered, and that this was a smooth experience.

My experience was flawless – I even walked out with a CD of all my scan just minutes after it completed.

They were able to schedule me an appointment relatively quickly. The price is good, even my insurance company couldn’t find a more affordable alternative!

J.B., San Carlos, CA

A top-class facility

I just had an MRI of my knee yesterday.  This is a top-class facility with excellent customer service.  A special shout out to Rhonda, my technician.  I have used this facility before and will do so for any MRI needed.

E.R., San Mateo, CA

Cannot ask for better service

Staff was super friendly, wait line was very short (I was there early in the morning). and Dr. Beth took care of us, explained everything, answered all our questions, and told us what to expect.. cannot ask for better service.

L.A., San Mateo, CA

They are very compassionate

Doctors are in the biz of taking care of us when something isn’t right with our health. I’m in the biz of fitness as a Pilates teacher, just got Pink Ribbon certified to work with post-op breast cancer survivors last Saturday when whoops! felt a lump in my left breast. What a way to have my 1st mammogram and ultrasound, right?! I know that it takes a lot of energy to deal with lots of joy & sadness each day among patients, and these ladies are really amazing at what they do.

I called and that lovely angel Heather got my appointment set up for the next day! Even though they’re busy as it’s October, therefore National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AND I was a new patient. Then Stacy guided me through my first mammogram: it did NOT hurt and my tissues are dense so that means a lot to me. She’s a Sharks fan and SF Giants fan, extra points there. Olga gave me the ultrasound, she helped me to breathe (I’m a positive Pilates person but I was nervous). Pat at the desk was a doll as we joked about my sending her a mental fax the next time I had to come in (which was 2 days later, as in today.)

Clair was the superstar technician who guided me through answering my questions and was with me during the needle biopsy, a real sweetheart, too. You want her as your ally in all this. Dr. Sharon Stein was my doctor and she was a caring medical professional with excellent skills. I had to come back for a needle biopsy today and Dr. Stein did amazing work. I didn’t feel a thing during the actual procedure. Beth did my second mammogram after the procedure and she was also specific with her approach to me.

They’re professional, clean, and human. If you’re scared and worried about anything you have the right to feel that way and they are very compassionate and will answer your questions. I paid up front with my insurance paying for a portion of it. I am used to that with physical therapists and doctors who are specialists, consider me un-phased. As a new scared patient who’s never had a mammogram or ultrasound wanting to get some answers for a dubious situation, I think Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging took me in and treated me excellently. Their billing department called me a day prior to give me the head’s up for my payment. Wait time reasonable and I was done when they said I would be done. Fingers crossed and praying I’ll be healthy. In any case, the entire team at Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging are there for me.

M.M., San Francisco Bay Area, CA